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AB Septic is committed to delivering exceptional septic tank installation and repair services for properties of all sizes. We're trusted throughout the Lubbock, TX area because we:

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Do you need to replace a damaged or outdated septic system? Perhaps you purchased land in Lubbock, TX and need a new septic tank installation. No matter what you need, count on AB Septic to handle the job. Our team is committed to ensuring all work is done correctly. We'll handle every aspect of your project, including obtaining permits, conducting inspections and testing your system for proper functionality.

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5 ways to avoid septic system problems

Whether you own a home or a business, you rely on your septic tank to work exactly how it should. In fact, many septic system owners can go decades without running into trouble. You can keep costly repairs at bay by:

  • Scheduling routine inspections every one to three years
  • Getting your tank pumped every three to five years
  • Avoiding using too much water all at once
  • Flushing only human waste and septic-safe products
  • Installing adequate field lines

Another way to avoid problems is planting trees and shrubs a good distance away from your system to prevent root intrusions. If issues do arise, our septic company is available for the repairs you need.