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Rely on us for septic system replacement services in Lubbock, TX

Do you need a residential or commercial septic system installation? Then look no further than AB Septic in Lubbock, TX. We take pride in our thorough work and attention to detail throughout the installation process. We'll properly evaluate your property, obtain the necessary permits and install a system that's suited to your needs.

Call 806-500-0986 to learn more about getting a new septic tank for your home or business. We also have experience with septic system replacement services.

5 signs you need a septic system replacement

Over time, your septic system may start to fail. But don't panic - our septic company has your back. We provide septic system replacement services in the Lubbock, TX area. You should call us to replace your system if:

  1. You have pools and puddles in your yard when there shouldn't be
  2. You smell foul odors in your home, especially near your drains
  3. You notice that your pipes are backing up often
  4. You have been pumping your tank more frequently
  5. Your well water is contaminated

We'll help you determine if a septic system replacement is necessary, then take care of the job as needed. Speak with a team member at our septic company today to discuss your situation.